Robert N. Verratti
  Operating Partner

Bob joined TL as a venture partner in 1998. †With the formation of TL V, Bob became a Managing Director, running TLís Los Angeles, CA office. †Bob has worked with Bob Keith and Mark DeNino for more than 20 years and has been involved as an executive or director of four of TLís portfolio companies. †Most recently, Bob served as the CEO of, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRFC) (TL3/TL4) since 2003 and was instrumental in developing Traffic, taking it public in 2006 and negotiating its sale to NAVTEQ Corporation (NYSE: NVT) in 2007. †

Before joining TL, he was chief executive officer of e4L, Inc. (NYSE: E4L) (TL2 Ė 3x return), the world's largest infomercial company. †During his career, Mr. Verratti also served as the President and CEO of Total Care Systems, a group care living facilities provider; Great Western, a land development subsidiary of Hunt International Resources; and Globe Ticket, a specialty printing company, in addition to working in various H. Ross Perot enterprises, including Electronic Data Systems Corporation.

Bobís primary responsibilities at TL include evaluating proposed investments and providing much needed operational assistance to over-stretched portfolio company management teams in executing strategic plans. †Bob holds a BS degree in engineering from the US Naval Academy and served for five years as a commissioned officer in the nuclear submarine service.